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Year thus far
  Fayth, Apr 28 2013

I've been playing alright in my humble opinion so far even though I could have tilted less I suppose, I didn't put in as many hands as I initially planned to but still satisfied with the results. I played some zoom 1/2 and 2/5 this month when I didn't have any action HU... usually 2 tabling.. but it's pretty much impossible to sustain the same winrate as HU, and I like a pretty winrate xD. HU is still anything from 0.5/1 to 3/6

Here's april:
in big blinds it says I'm up 10494bb, so 105 buy ins, like good ol times, except action comes at lower stakes =(

The year so far:

that's about 300 buy ins... so combined with live cash/tourneys I'm prob up about 85k on the year, well ahead of pace on my goal

I'm probably done for the month since I'm leaving on tuesday for montreal to play WPT, so going to spend some quality time with children and fiance tomorrow

GL everybody

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  Fayth, Feb 01 2013

So I started grinding again after being pretty freaking inactive for the past 2 years (now a proud daddy of a little girl and a little boy) I was never really motivated to grind, always wasting a lot of time playing SC2 or whatever else....

So yeah I went to WPT Montreal in late November for the 3.3k main event and luckily I finished 11th for $32k and had action of 2 of my friends who finished 1st and 2nd that added an extra ~$30k to my winnings... this kinda motivated me to get back into it, I don't remember exactly how much I've made in december, I've played a lot of live games in december and almost no online and I think I won something like 6 or 7k

January I decided I would give a shot at HU again since it's where I've made most of my money and I enjoy it a LOT more than 6max/FR, despite having very very little action at 2/4 and up (almost exclusively regulars) I still had quite a bunch of people play me at 1/2 and 0.5/1 so here are the HU results

I lost like $3k at 3/6 6max prior to that on like january 2nd I believe and won $1.2k on my laptop.. I also went to Niagara Falls for the fallsview poker classic, won like $3k playing cash games, busted from the $2.5k event and final tabled the $5k event and despite being chip leader the tournament was fairly shallow and I ran like garbage on the FT against shortacks... busted 5th for $44k (swapped like 35% of my action with several people). Played some live games in quebec, one of them was 1/2 PLO where I went godmode and won a little bit less than $3k lol

Overall I think It's a little bit more than $40k in profits, I'm pretty happy about my results, I was aiming for a +$150k year so I'm well on pace

oh and for those who'd be interested here are pictures of my children

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  Fayth, Sep 23 2012

Sorry everyone, was down to 22bb, 3bet/called with AJ against some loose overaggro kid and ran into AQ

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